Research. Transportation Planning. Traffic Engineering.

Illumine Transportation rethinks how to approach transportation. We are driven by discovering how people can break down barriers to move through everyday life more efficiently, reliably, and sustainably. 

Our research, planning, and engineering expertise shines as we develop creative yet practical solutions for complex transportation challenges. We never lose sight of project objectives and bottom-line value. We celebrate results that are seamlessly integrated into a community rather than simply ways to move through it.


Our vision is to provide multidisciplinary transportation and traffic solutions for communities and clients. We achieve results through collaboration, fostering a learning environment, and leading to innovation.

The 21st century has complex demands that no longer neatly fit the conventional stepped process of engineering, education, and enforcement. Illumine Transportation’s transformative thinking encompasses horizontal and vertical solutions, which are essential for how communities move today and will connect with each other tomorrow.


Illumine Transportation is never static. Our philosophy of collaboration — to always learn more and to share knowledge along the way — fosters an expanding knowledge base. Whether planning a single intersection or guiding communities through the new territory of emerging technologies, Illumine Transportation is steadfast and reliable in finding solutions that are novel yet realistic for implementation.